Forensic & Compliance, Monitoring & Surveillance

Forensic Audit, amongst others, involves an examination and evaluation to identify white collar crimes involving -

  • Manipulative transactions having inadequate corroborative evidence
  • Cross transactions in Sales & Purchases
  • Inflating Inventory
  • Circuitry movement of funds
  • Improper disclosure of liabilities
  • Diversion of funds
  • Reporting non existent or inflated assets
  • Inter company/related party transactions not at arms length
  • Different versions of financial statements of an entity or individual
  • Misuse of funds as against purpose of sanction

This can be detective or preventive in nature.

  • Compliance Audit is the examination of the thoroughness of adherence to regulatory guidelines, statutory obligations etc. Such audit reports evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliances, security policies, user access controls and risk management procedures.
  • Due Diligence is the audit conducted at the time of purchase, mergers etc. to authenticate the facts around the parties engaging therein.
  • Know Your Client is an in depth verification and identification of the parties from an anti money laundering perspective.

The advantages of these specialised audits include enhanced transparency, identification of gaps, consistent monitoring etc. These may be at the time of on-boarding and/ or ongoing.